Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, water, sun and a limestone fountain, makes it all breezy.

During the summer heat people tend to think about how to remodel and spice up their outdoor areas for lounging, parties and dinners outside. Spanish-Mediterranean courtyard gardens provide plenty of inspiration.1447839225

Classical Pool Fountain

These cozy enclosed patios are designed to be an extension of the home’s living space, with specific outdoor spaces to sit in, enjoy a dinner with your loved ones or guests and relax surrounded by the classic magnificent looks of tile, cooling fountains and a few choice plants.18701220214_71e5d50bc6

Tiled fountain

This residence has a central courtyard with a tiled fountain. The shade provided by the four sides of the house keeps this place fresh, even during the heat wave. In this kind of court, one can well imagine having a few small tables for dinner on the stone patio.1202389-1filename-mg-1134-jpgPreserve+Carmel+Architectural+Photography-3

While providing the soothing sound of water, this fountain makes a stunning focal point in this courtyard. All Together, limestone wall cladding, flower jars and the greenery of trees makes it an unforgettable place where one seeks peace of mind and soothes his spirit.Mcwhorter-website-photos-930x595

Water has become a precious element and droughts are frequent. Our water Practice has changed: back in time, pool fountains and wells were used for water supply and watering gardens and crops. Today they have become a crucial element for relaxation and decoration.Fontaine_Eglise-2

This image shows a large typical Provencal garden with a biblical stone garden path, a majestic cherry tree and a limestone pool fountain placed in the center of this private garden where children can play around and refresh all summer long. Overall, the landscape around this courtyard is a beautiful work of art.provence_maspascal_33

Monastic inspired circular fountain

Even if you’re not using your fountain as a part of your pool, you can always obtain the stress relief that comes with running water. Nothing beats a cold drink in hand, laying by your pool, tuning in your favorite songs and listening to the water flowing out of your pool fountain. This lovely circular fountain was inspired by Monastic water fountains that were used by the clergy to wash their hands prior to participating in holy mass. This fountain is ideal for closed open air courtyards in Tuscan and French countryside style homes where the need to see the water dispersion from all angles is a must.IMG_0212

Alpine hexagonal pool fountain

This alpine hexagonal pool fountain in this photo is serving a crucial less known function besides being a lovely artistic architectural stone decorative piece. The proprietors on this Alpine Mansion have decided to install this lovely element close to their Master bedroom in order to mask the back ground noise generated from oncoming pedestrian and touristic traffic. It allowed them to gain back their privacy while helping them create a neutral white noise buffer that canceled out unwanted street level noise pollution.98074518_o

Bird bath type Pool Fountain

A solitary middle dispensing Pestle topped with a bird bath type bowl vessel is probably the single most recognizable form of a pool fountain that has endured the tests of times and has survived the endless tsunami waves of design style changes cross centuries and millennia. They were catalogued in the righting of Greek Philosophers and poets, and turned timeless in the exhilarating paintings of John Singer Sargent. When in need of a timeless beauty that transcends style classifications.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Double tiered Pool Fountain

This Double tiered Pool Fountain is something of a rarity. A genuine article if there ever was one. The Harmonic ratio of the bottom and top pedestal and bowl were created using the golden ration. The bottom pool base of this fountains can not be described by mere words. A real whimsical creation awaiting a special ‘milieu’ to call home. A series of concave and convex foliated sections connect with a top beaded lining and a lower web motif heel on its base.DSC0985

Four lion head masked French Provencal Pool Fountain

A majestic four lion head masked French Provencal Pool Fountain proudly sits in this 17th century French Luberon farmhouse manor or ‘Manoir’ as they are called it in French. The well defined bold and masculine features of the pool fountain based were hand carved in a Medieval style that gives onlookers the impression of ancient ramparts of fortresses.Front011


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