20 French fountains that will send you packing for the next flight to Provence.

Water has fascinated us since the dawn of time. In ancient days, fountains and ponds were constructed to capture and collect water sources used for domestic and agricultural needs. The Romans carved underground tunnels and created aqueducts over mountains just to equip their baths and fountains. Italy was known since antiquity to be ‘fountain country’.

Stone Block Fountain
A ruined fountain made of large stone blocks in a courtyard. Pompeii, Italy. ca. 1990 Pompeii, Italy

During the Middle Ages however, things have started to radically change; the wells and cisterns have become more common than central fountains as centers of population swell until 1348. After the transition from the European dark ages into the rebirth or Renaissance, fountains have regained their status as both a decorative cultural element, a center of convening and public meeting as well as a phytosanitary clean  way to gain access to drinking, cooking and cleaning water.FTN-WEST-CREET

Today’s fountains are soothing and refreshing in both their elemental nuances and architectural forms.Fountain are a delightful gift for those who embrace the Al Fresco style of living and love to soak in natural sunlight while being enchanted with the whimsical melody of streaming water.wf051.jpg~original

Swimming pool fountains

provence_bastidestmartin_02 (1)

Placed on one edge of a pool, a feeder wall fountain naturally pours its water into the pool and brings a lively and oxygenated flow of fresh recycled water in.LUBERON0715-2



This layout is highly sought after nowadays and is a definite plus in any architectural landscaping design.



A monumental piece in the heart of the garden will bring a disproportionate character. Masonry and old stone this fountain looks like a source of an outgoing earth.J SAGE EVENT-005040


Refined source of water

At the center of this courtyard sitting atop large stone slab bases, a rectangular fountain has all the place it needs.1

It is decorated with small ceramic tiles. A continual but charming rustle of water will brighten the garden. Un


And what if you turn your fountain into an outdoor shower? img909

Built in a good height stone wall, this allows for a small waterfall will lets you peacefully cool off.



This purified water line runs on several decks.6860937-O-3

It stops at the wall to make room for a fountain that will gracefully flow into the water following the end of the corridor.53BV-33-b


Italianate or French design fountains are made very popular in neo-classic architecture and fountains of this period are a quintessential part of this classical gilded era style.Un


Original concept with trough-like basin arranged along a front. This comprises a row of several pots in which lilies or magnolias grow, while the water cascades down below, into a flowing tray or water channel.18878778265571d7f5caea72.87459416_1920

Using old antique limestone with a contemporary design, blends the new with the old in a remarkable way. RX-DK-SG16602_architectural-wall_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280



An elegant rectangular pool welcomes here a thin cast of water for pleasure.3815150002_fb35fb9e7d_o

Here are some aquatic plants to use to decorate the pond: water lily, Nymphaea, cattail, Typha latifolia, and also grasses, Stipa tenuissima and Andropogon Gerardi. 53BV-87-d

More indoor and outdoor water fountain and wellhead models are available in more architectural styles, sizes, patinas, and stone options at Ancient Surfaces so come on by and visit our website so we can inspire you further more.

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